Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2n ESO A

My Carnival. Write a text.


Anonymous said...

On Friday afternoon I went to Primary school with my friends, to watch as the children danced. When they finished, I went to buy some paints for the face with a friend. Then, I went to home because I had to do my homework and study music.

On Saturday morning I went to the doctor with my mother. Later I went home because, I had to go have lunch wih the family. When I finished I went with my friends with the face painted and we dressed up. After that we saw the carnival carriage. When we finished to paint us and dressed up, we went to walk to saw the carriages. That night I spent very well and I had a great time!. When it finished we went to have dinner with some friends of my parents an then, we went home. It was a funny carnival!

Raquel Gomis CaƱellas said...

My carnival

On Friday afternoon I went to my Primary School with my friends. Then, I went to my home and my cousein went to my home, too. After that we went to a bowlling alley and then we went to the fast food "Viena", after that we went to my cousin's home.
On Saturday morning I did my homework and then, we had lunch, we ate paella. After that we started to dress up. Later we went to our carraiage; we were dancing all afternoon. Then we went to a restaurant.
On Sunday morning I went to my carriage. I was dancing and singing all marning, after that, I went to my friend's home for lunch. Then I went to my carriage and I was dancing all afternoon and my friens, too.
On Monday I did my homework all day.
It was a fantastic Carnival 2009!

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